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Welcome to Yobonja! We're a small group of game developers based in the San Francisco Bay Area dedicated to making fun and interesting experiences.

We also aim to be a resource for young developers. For now all we offer a collection of links to game development tools we like, as well as some developer resources we've made ourselves that hopefully might be useful. In the future we plan to offer tutorials on game related topics, source code to get started with and more game development tools of our own. So stay tuned!

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Angelo Yazar

I love making things, especially useful/fun/interesting things. I spend my time painting, coding, inventing and sometimes soldering. In 2009 I started Yobonja with Tobiah to put myself to work and make fun/interesting experiences. These are mostly games, but for example Vamp Yourself is a facebook app that sort of evolved out of my minor obsession with image filtering.

You can contact me directly at


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Tobiah Marks

I love all things gaming. From computer games to boardgames and pen and paper RPGs. My favorite games are the Half Life series, The Longest Journey, and Dungeons and Dragons. Besides gaming, I also enjoy theme parks, B movies, and metal music.

You can contact me directly at


Past Collaborators

Stefan Peterson

Game and level design

I am currently a college student majoring in Electrical Engineering. Slowly, but surely, I am learning how to program in C++. I have a love for all things gaming, my particular favorites being Halo Reach and Assassins Creed. In my spare time, I play tennis and compete in a competitive racing league for skiing.


Stepan Shurygin

UI Design, Digital Art

Tap Party for iPad is the first Yobonja! project I participated on in 2010. I really enjoy the fun company culture and strong work ethic! I learn new stuff every day, and take pride in the Yobonja! products that we create. My hobbies include: art, digital games, reading, bicycling, and cooking.


Allyn Limson

Art, Design

Allyn is a game designer with some skills in doing doodles and modeling. His current favorite show on TV is Glee and he has a weird obsession with super low-poly stuff. POWER RANGERS!


Brendan Milos

Art, Design

While with Yobonja, Brendan worked as the Art Director and Co-Game Designer on Save Me! He has since moved on to work for ngmoco.


Brody Brooks

Art, Design

Brody is a game designer with a love for 3D modeling and pixel art. He consults on design issues while aiding in generating in-game artwork. Aside from gaming, Brody enjoys bicycling and is a self-proclaimed space nut.