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Commonly asked questions:

Q: When are new Blast Monkeys levels coming out?
A: As soon as we can finish them! We take the time to make each world unique and have interesting levels, so bear with us! We're constantly working hard on the new levels packs and we will release them as soon as we can. 

Q: How do I get MokiCoin in Blast Monkeys?
A: You can earn coin by getting all three bananas in a level (15 coins each) or by competing the tasks in the Earn MC screen (150 coins each). You can also buy MokiCoin with real money in the game store.

Q: I'm experiencing a problem with one of your games. What should I do?
A: First, try updating the game. If the problem is still there, you may have found an issue we are unaware of. Please contact us and tell us, in detail, the problem you're having. We'll respond as soon as we can and try to follow up with you to fix whatever issue you might be having.

Q: Why are the levels in Blast Monkeys different on every platform?
A: Each version of the game is slightly different, because each platform is different and has different needs and issues. For example, the process and time it takes to release updates for iOS and NOOK is much longer than it is on Android. This is why sometimes worlds are released first for Android. It's not because we're giving preferential treatment, it's simply a matter of addressing technical issues, as well the time it takes to go through Apple's or Barns and Noble's app review process.

Q: Blast Monkeys doesn't work on my device, why is that?
A: We would love to have the game work on as many devices as possible. Unfortunately, for performance reasons, the Android version of Blast Monkeys only supports devices with Android OS 2.2 (Froyo) or greater, and with an Arm7 processor. There is an Arm6 version you can try by going to this link on your android:

Q: My question isn't answered here! What do I do?
A: No worries! Just contact us and ask away!