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A sumo wrestler is trapped. Trapped, in a shopping mall... full of roaming gangs of Punks and Monks. When a sumo has nowhere to run, he must blend in to survive.
Sumo Stealth is an addictive action game with a simple one button control scheme. The game was designed and developed in only 2 days as part of a global game creation event called Global Game Jam.
The theme for the 2010 Global Game Jam was "Deception", and the constraints were that the game must have a Monk, a Punk, and/or a Skunk in it.
Created by Sumosaurus, and the published to iPhone by Yobonja. Sumosaurus is a small team of 4 developers who met at the Global Game Jam event.
From left to right:
George Lam - Programming
Tobiah Marks - Design/Voice of Skunky
Seth Robles -  Art

Madison Parker - Art

Special Thanks to Sheena Marquez for concept and design.