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Zeppelin Nations will be a massively multiplayer nation building game. This is our dream project, to build a real-time strategy game where you manage your own nation in the lands beyond the horizon. In the world of Zeppelin Nations, the earth is flat and dominated by an old world super power. You set out past the edge of the earth in your zeppelins to create and colonize new land in the space beyond. The game is still in pre-production/drawing board phase. But tentatively play would be spilt up between a safe-zone home land space for you to build your nation in peace, and a global area or global areas of space that will be accessible to all nations via zeppelin units. The home land portion of the game is about building your nation and managing your population. Each city you build in the home land will be customizable, and will have its own town dynamics to manage. Think Civ2 meets Pet Society. The second global area is more zoomed out and is where all the action happens. This global area is where you you collect most of the resources you need to advance your home nation, they can be collected, stolen or traded for with other nations. Cities in the global area will not be customizable, and may be captured through war. Wars with other nations however cost resources and can cause civil unrest back home - halting or slowing production of war units. The idea is to get a semi-stable environment where every nation is trying to get certain natural resources based on what they are trying to build back home. The screenshot here on the right is from an early version with underdeveloped gameplay that looks closer to what the global area will look like, minus land variety.



Game Status: Pre-Production