Here are some of Yobonja's projects that I've released/published.

Blast Monkeys

Blast Monkeys is a fun mash up of cannons, lunch time and timing. When your Monkey Cannon is lined up, tap on the green launch button to send your monkey flying to a nice lunch of goal bananas. If you mess up that's okay - your monkey forgives you and gets back into the cannon!

Blast Monkeys

In Blast Monkeys Forever you will follow the story of how Moki got to space, blasting up through the clouds collecting bananas along the way. The game play is a perfect marriage between the physics puzzle game that is Blast Monkeys and the 'infinite runner' mode of play.

Tap Party 2

Jump into Tap Party, and say YES to up to four player multiplayer! Tap Party 2 is easy to play for both kids and grown-ups. Challenge your friends, family, co-workers, and even strangers. Pick a skin, pick a game mode, and have a party!

Tap Party

Tap! Tap! Tap! Do you hear that? That's the sound of fun! Tap Party is a one to four player party game for your iPad. Players of (almost) all ages will enjoy this easy to learn game of skill. The rules are simple: The player who taps the most presents wins! Tap the special presents for a bonus.

Snack Time for Caterpillar

Snack Time for Caterpillar is a free game for the iOS. The object of the game is to eat as much fruit as possible before your lives run out. As you progress, the seasons pass and those pesky dragonflies come to bother poor Caterpillar! Tilt your device to dodge the dragonflies, then engage monster mode to turn into a dragonfly eating machine! But be careful, Caterpillar's energy will run out, so you'll need to keep eating fruit to charge up! How many seasons will your Caterpillar last?

The Nightclub

The Nightclub is Yobonja's first venture on the iPhone platform. The game is based around a simple concept. You are a bouncer at The Nightclub, your job is to let guests into the club if they are on the list. If somebody tries to get into the club and they aren't on the list, you punch them in the face!